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Multiple Sclerosis Society. Registered Charity no 1139257    Registered as a limited company in England and Wales 07451571

Thank you to Armadillo for all their support

Armadillo Self Storage in Stoke have kindly provided us with a

50 sq ft room to store our leaflets etc.

We would like to say a big thank you to Nina and her team, we have a dry and secure room with access 7 days a week

01782 840240

David Mellenchip

Unfortunately Dave has had to step down from his role as Group Coordinator, but he will stay on the committee.

Thanks for all you have done and will do David.

Cath & Kerry at our Information Stand

Information Stand at Royal Stoke University Hospital

We held our first Information Stand at Royal Stoke University Hospital on Thursday 19th July 2019                        you can find us at the main entrance to the hospital,

if you require any information please get in touch at anytime on

07702 493001

Christmas Dinner 2019

Mad Moorlanders presentation of monies raised

Left to Right

Andy de Caso, Steve Abbott & Andy Jarrett from National Centre

PIP2 Forms – 50% OR MORE OF DAYS

Over the years we have seen many people including claimants, carers and some professionals who have been led to believe that you should always complete PIP2 assessment forms by describing the effect your conditions and symptoms have on your life and/or mobility when at their WORST or on your WORST days.

This is a myth. Not only is it a significant misunderstanding of how the Law and therefore the DWP work, but it can also have potentially serious consequences. For example:

• if the DWP think an assessment form exaggerates – then claimants lose credibility with both the Health Professional at the physical assessment and thereafter with the Decision Maker – resulting in a more negative result for the claim than might otherwise have been the case (and potentially similar problems at any subsequent Tribunal Hearing);


• if inflated awards and additional benefits are made on the basis of an exaggeration, they may be sorely missed when they are lost at a later date;

or, even more seriously,

• if an award is made on the basis of a “worst” day assessment form, which is subsequently seen to be exaggerated and/or misleading – then claimants can be required to repay in full any benefits paid (sometimes with an additional penalty) – or at worst, could be prosecuted for fraud.

In reality, the Regulations are complex and subject to a myriad of Case Law from the Courts which define specific interpretations of the Law for specific PIP Activities and their Descriptors.

In overall terms:-

• Regulation 4 (Social Security PIP Regulations 2013) establishes that a claimant will qualify for points in the scoring system if they cannot undertake an Activity



o REPEATEDLY; and/or


• Regulation 7 (Social Security PIP Regulations 2013) states that you must meet the inability Descriptor FOR 50% OR MORE OF DAYS in any period.

For simplicity, you should always describe the effect of your condition has on your Daily Living and/or Mobility Activities on average for the majority of the time.

In particular, you should:

• always avoid guessing or generalising

• try to give an honest account of your symptoms and their effect on your daily life and/or mobility. Don’t be stoic and underplay your difficulties - but equally do not exaggerate them.

• if at all possible always measure and quantify

(i.e., by all means, describe a “bad day” and describe a “good day” - but be clear as to how many of each you experience in any time period. (i.e. more or less than 50% of the days); and

• keep in mind that ticking boxes that say “sometimes” or “it varies” suggests that on average, it is less than the majority (50%) of the time – unless you are very clear about the frequency!

And remember, if you want assistance in completing PIP2 ( any similar forms or benefits issues), please feel free to ask the MS Society to arrange a specialist appointment for you with Citizens Advice

We would like to sincerely thank The Community Foundation for Staffordshire for supporting us with funding from the #NETCoronaVirusAppeal. This will help us to support our members and their families plus those local MS sufferers who might not be members but still come to the MS Society for help. Even during the lockdown, the DWP machine keeps running and members PIP awards are reassessed and need our assistance with the application.

Support from the #NETCoronavirusAppeal will help us during the #coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you to The Community Foundation for Staffordshire and all those who donated to the Appeal it is really appreciated.

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